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A Guide To Log Home Insurance

Whether you are buying a log home or building a log home, insurance will most likely be a requirement. Since log homes are more a niche, insurance may be different. In most cases you do not need special insurance, but buying an insurance geared towards log homes might help prevent problems down the road. What […]

Log Homes and Humidity | Complete Guide

Humidity and wood do not typically mix well. So what effects does humidity have on your log home? In this article we will breakdown the must knows of humidity and your log home. Log home’s should have a fairly even level of humidity. To high or to low humidity can cause different types of problems. […]

What is Backer Rod? | Complete Guide

Chinking is very important for your log home’s protection. Chinking keeps logs sealed from moisture, weather, and pests. Backer Rod is an essential key to making sure that your chinking stays sealed and lasts. What is Backer Rod & how does it work? Backer Rod is a type of foam that is placed before chinking. […]

Chinking vs Caulk | When To Use Each

If you have a log home, then you will need both chinking and caulk to keep your log home sealed. Keeping your log home sealed will prevent moisture from rotting your logs and pests from entering your log home. This is essential to the longevity of your log home. A very common questions new log […]

Chinking log siding | Should you?

Log siding is a often a great way to turn a modern home into a log home. It is also being used more and for new builds as it allows for regular insulation and walls… yet still the log home look. A very common question that people have is should they or can they chink […]

How to Remove Chinking | Full Guide

Chinking typically last 20 years and for most of its life will only need small spots replaced. At the end of the chinking’s life, you will need to fully replace it. In the guide we will tell you when and how to remove your chinking. When to remove your chinking. Whenever you find a piece […]

Can Chinking be painted or stained?

Chinking is something that every log home needs. The only time you won’t need chinking is if you are using log siding. Log siding does not need chinking. Since chinking is a necessity for a true log home, you may be looking at it and wondering if you can paint it. Painting your log home […]

The different types of Chinking for Cabins

Chinking is what seals your cabin and keeps moisture out. Over the years chinking has changed drastically and mostly been made of what was locally available. Early pioneers that needed to build a quick cabin or fort used moss as chinking. Of course this didn’t last very long. Here are the different types of chinking […]

Chinking Interior Log Walls | Guide

Chinking on the outside is an absolute necessity. Chinking on your log home’s exterior is there to prevent air and mostly moisture from entering/rotting your logs. But what about the interior of your log home? Should you chink the interior? In the guide we will breakdown interior chinking and when to use it. Do you […]

How To Make Homemade Chinking | Guide

If you have an older log home or a cabin that you have built yourself, you might be the type of DIYer that needs to go all the way. Chinking was traditionally made out of what was available. In most cases this used to be clay as clay is pretty abundant. Today there is synthetic […]