Log Home Health Benefits

People choose log homes for all kinds of reasons. Log homes have beautiful aesthetics, are great insulators, and typically go with the outdoor lifestyle. But did you know that there are plenty of health benefits that also come with log homes?

Here are the top health benefit that come with choosing a Log Home:

Improved mental health

Log homes typically are located in rural areas surrounded by nature. Nature has been proven by many studies to be healthy for our mental health. It has been proven that people who spend more time in nature have improved mental health, concentration, lower anxiety levels, ect. It isn’t just a visual thing there are many studies that prove being around trees, especially pine trees are great for our lungs and mental health. They release more than just oxygen. Log homes encourage use to take a break and separate us from the noise, reminding us that life isn’t really that bad.

Improved Air Quality

Since log homes are typically located in rural areas, there is automatically less pollution and better air quality. More plants equals less pollution. Another great benefit of log homes is that they are made out of trees. Trees even when dead can act as a filtration system. If you are looking for better air quality and to get out of the city you may consider a log home.

Lower Inflammation

Inflammation can cause many problems in the body. Inflammation itself can be caused by many things. Things such as stress (high cortisol), bad air quality, bad diets, ect. can cause inflammation. Changing our environment to a log home setting which can lower stress, help with sleep, and air quality can absolutely help with inflammation.

Increased Likelihood of an Active Lifestyle.

Most people we know that live in log homes also live active lives. From chopping firewood to kayaking… the outdoors lifestyle keeps us moving. I certainly don’t have to point out the benefits of having an active life. By choosing to place yourself in a log home in the country, you are setting yourself up for an active life. This active life will help your physical health and mental health.

Living The Life You Want

Often living a life that is not true to our heart leads to stress, anxiety, and unhappiness. Life is short and you only get one. By choosing to live your life how you want in a log home, in the countryside, fishing, hiking, kayaking and just doing what you love; the health will follow.

We are not doctors and these benefits may not be benefits to others. These are the benefit that we see ourselves. Perhaps the lifestyle of a log home is not for you. Perhaps you like the busy city. The conclusion is to live the life you love. If you are thinking about building a log home… check out Our Top Log Home Manufactures Here.

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