Common Log Home Health Problems & Preventions

One of the top questions we get are a variation of: Are log homes healthy? Many people seek the log home life for a healthier lifestyle. But are there health problems that come with log homes and if so what are they? Here we will break down the common log home health problems and how to prevent them. We will also answer the main question are log homes healthy?

Can log homes make you sick?

The answer is yes, there are multiple problems that can occur in log homes that can make you sick. Dust, humidity problems, mold, and more. All of the same problems that can occur in a regular stick built house can happen in a log home. There is not a significant difference between log homes and regular house health problems.

Common log home health hazards and how to prevent them.

Different types of mold.

Mold is not always as deadly as most people believe, but it can cause health problems. Mold in log homes typically happens in the basement or bathrooms as they are areas prone to high moisture. Mold can cause chronic illness and lung problems.

How to prevent mold in a log home.
To prevent mold in your log home, keep moist areas like bathrooms and basements well ventilated. You can use a dehumidifier in the basement if your basement is damp. We also recommend cleaning areas that get damp well and often. If you have mold on your logs, then you have a bigger problem. Mold on your logs means that you have to much humidity. Here is How To Remove Mold From Logs.

Dust and allergens.

Dust and allergens can cause a lot of problems for many people. For people with allergies it can be really harsh. For people without allergy problems, to much dust in your log home can still cause lots of health problems. In a log home, dust can collect in the crevasses of the log walls. These groove can be beautiful but they can also collect dust.

How to prevent dust and allergies in your log home.
The simple answer to preventing dust and allergens in your log home is to keep it sealed and cleaned. If dust is collecting on your logs more than usual then you may want to apply a clear coat to seal the logs. Dust will stick to most wood, having a clear coat will help prevent dust from sitting in the pores and make it easier to clean. There are also many filtration systems that you can get for your log home.

Humidity Problems

Humidity to high or to low can cause problems in your log home and with your health. If humidity is to high it can cause mold problems and if it is to low it can cause sinus problems and lung problems. The thing about humidity is that it can also cause problem in your log home. Here Is Our Guide To Humidity in Log Homes.

How to solve humidity problems in your log home.
The main thing is to determine what your humidity level is. Often it is not as bad as people think. If your log home is fairly new (under 3 years) then it may have higher humidity levels as it is drying out. Once you determine which way you need to go, all you have to do is either purchase a dehumidifier or humidifier.

Water Pollution

Even though log homes are typically set in scenic locations away from the city, it doesn’t mean that the water is clean. The most common problem with water is E.coli. E.coli in your water can make you very sick, causing gastral issues, low energy, and more.

How to solve drinking water problems in your log home.
The first step is to get your water tested. There are tons of kits that you can buy at your local hardware store or online. There are also professional companies that can do this for you. After you get your water tested, the next step is to determine which type of filter will solve your problem. A plumber will typically do all of this for you. They will test the water and then give you treatments that you can use.

Insect and Pest Problems.

Since log homes are typically in remote locations, pests are often a common problem. Pests like insects and rodents will always be trying to enter your log home. They bring with them allergens and poo. Rodents can bring diseases as well. All of these can cause health problems.

How to prevent insects and pest in your log home.
The best solution is to seal your log home. If you have a big problem then you may need an exterminator to clear the problem first. After you remove the pest from your log home, it is a good idea to do a professional deep clean. You want to remove any poo or dirt that may have been left behind.

Overall log homes are healthy for people. They bring typically have plenty of sunlight which is healthy and they allow us a cozy healthy place to live. If you do all of these things on this list and prevent the problems that are unhealthy you should be fine.

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