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Are log homes energy efficient?

are log homes energy efficent?

Energy efficiency is an important factor to consider when buying or building any home. When it comes to log homes, there are many factors that will affect the efficiency. With energy prices climbing every year and many states implementing stricter energy codes, many people reach out to us with questions regarding the efficiency of log […]

Can A Log Home Be Moved?

how to move a log cabin

If you are thinking about moving your cabin or log home, you are not alone. Many people weigh the option of moving their cabins each year. Many things will affect how successful the move will be and if it is cost affective to move your log home. The simple answer to: Can A Log Home […]

How Log Homes Holdup To Hurricanes, Earthquakes, & Tornadoes

are log homes energy efficent?

Florida has hurricanes, California has earthquakes, and much of the Midwest gets frequent tornadoes. How do log homes standup to other home types in theses diverse types of extreme weather? Log homes have been around for hundreds of years. While they have changed greatly, the concept is still the same, stack logs on top of […]

Can Log Homes Be Painted?

Log Home Rot

If you have a log home that needs new life, you may be considering painting it. I’ve seen log homes with a dark red and even some painted white that actually look good. But is this a good idea? Sometimes something that may look good can cause other problems. It can also hurt your resale […]

How To Tell If a Cabin is a Good Investment

If you are thinking about buying or building a cabin as an investment, you may want consider these tips. Looking at a cabin as an investment is different from looking at one for personal use only. Even if you are looking at buying or building a cabin or log home, you may still want to […]

39 Places To Post Your Vacation Rental

If you are looking to grow your vacation rental, then you will want to post your rental on as many places as possible. The more exposure that your rental gets the more likely it is to stay full. There are many places that are completely free to post your rental. While it may take a […]

Free Ways To Market Your Vacation Rental

With many people starting rentals it can be hard to keep your vacation rental fully booked. The great thing about the internet is that you don’t need a fortune to promote your rental. There are plenty of free ways to market your vacation rental. Here are the top free ways to promote your vacation rental. […]