Natural Log Home Stain | The Need To Knows

If you are building a cabin or a log home, you will have to treat it. Treating your log home is very important to keeping it sealed and ensuring that your log home will live a long and healthy life. Before we dive into this article we have a disclaimer: We DO NOT recommend any of these oils for your log home. We will go into that further in the article. Check: The Top Log Home Manufactures.

What are some natural homemade stains for a log homes?

Natural stain options that have been used in the past are linseed oil and tung oil. Some people today opt to use them for hobby cabins. These stains originated in China and were actually very cheap to use. They worked well at protecting the logs from rot and pests.

Things to know before using traditional stains:

Before you even consider using linseed oil or tung oil… there are some things to know.

  1. Both oils will produce small black dots on your log home. The black dots are due to the oil grouping and can be difficult to remove.
  2. Both oils will take a long time to dry and need multiple layers. Since these oils are natural it can take a few layers to get a decent level of protection.
  3. You don’t have control of the color. Depending on the oil you use and the sun exposure, sometimes log will become very dark. They may even have a black appearance.
  4. RAGS WILL BURN DOWN YOUR HOME. We did that in all caps because it is very important to keep track of all rags. If a rag sits forgotten anywhere, overtime it can burst into flames. This happens often to wood workers, who accidently burn down their wood shops. Keep track of all rags and dispose of them properly.
  5. Both oils will fade more quickly. Since these are natural oils, they will fade much more quickly due to sun radiation.

Using used motor oil for your log home stain:

Using used motor oil is a method that is still used today on fences by farmers. It is not a very great method. The big problem with using motor oil on your log home as stain is the smell and the fact that it will never dry. During rainy days the oil will seep into your ground. During hot days it will fume and bubble out of the logs. We high recommend avoiding this method. It is a good way to ruin log home in a hurry.

While it may sound like a great idea to use an old method for your log home, it is not exactly better for your wallet or the environment. Using these methods means that you will have to stain with more layers and more often to keep your log home protected. Staining with a modern stain either water based or oil based will last much longer. It is also much easier to stain and get the correct finish with a modern stain. Check: Our Guide On Staining Your Log Home.

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