Chinking Interior Log Walls | Guide

Chinking on the outside is an absolute necessity. Chinking on your log home’s exterior is there to prevent air and mostly moisture from entering/rotting your logs. But what about the interior of your log home? Should you chink the interior? In the guide we will breakdown interior chinking and when to use it.

Do you need to chink the interior of your log home?

You do not need to chink the interior of your log home. Chinking the interior of your log home is a choice for both aesthetic and extra draft protections. Most people choose not to chink the interior of their log home as it is an extra cost and extra maintence. It does however add a very pretty look to your log home’s interior!

When to chink the interior of your log home.

You should chink the interior of your log home only if you want the extra protection and aesthetic. Otherwise it is not recommended. Chinking your interior is a personal choice. Often people prefer to save the money and enjoy the natural look of the logs without chinking.

When you should NOT chink the interior of your log home.

If your log home is drafty and you think that adding interior chinking will solve the problem, you should not chink the interior. If you have drafts coming in between your logs, you most likely have damaged chinking on the outside that needs to be sealed. By chinking the interior and not fixing the outside chinking, you are leaving a place for moisture to rot your logs. Worse… you are now trapping that moisture in. This is the biggest negative to chinking the interior. You are only trapping moisture and not fixing the real problem which is the exterior chinking. Check How To Repair Chinking Here.

Will chinking the interior add value to my log home?

Interior chinking does not carry that great of a benefit. It will most likely not increase your log home’s value. It will cost you extra to install and add an extra maintenance for you to keep track of. Check Are Log Home’s a Good Investment? This is mostly a personal choice and will only reflect on what you prefer.

How to chink the interior of your log home.

If you choose to add chinking to the interior of your log home, here is how to do it. Chinking the interior of your log home will be very similar to chinking the exterior. Here is Our Complete Guide On Chinking.

  1. Gather your materials.
  2. Clean your logs.
  3. Lay plastic down.
  4. Apply Backer Rod.
  5. Apply Chinking.
  6. Smooth and seal.
  7. Clean as you go.

Chinking your log home interior can add a unique aesthetic and an extra layer of protection. It is important to list your pros and cons as it can be costly. If you do decide to add chinking to your log home, make it a personal decision!

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