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Log Home Health Benefits

People choose log homes for all kinds of reasons. Log homes have beautiful aesthetics, are great insulators, and typically go with the outdoor lifestyle. But did you know that there are plenty of health benefits that also come with log homes? Here are the top health benefit that come with choosing a Log Home: Improved […]

Common Log Home Health Problems & Preventions

One of the top questions we get are a variation of: Are log homes healthy? Many people seek the log home life for a healthier lifestyle. But are there health problems that come with log homes and if so what are they? Here we will break down the common log home health problems and how […]

What is the difference between a contractor and builder?

If you are building a home, you most likely will need to find someone to build it for you. If you are not building the home yourself, then there are basically two options… you can hire a general contractor or hire a builder. While many people may assume that these two are the same, there […]

A Guide To Log Home Insurance

Whether you are buying a log home or building a log home, insurance will most likely be a requirement. Since log homes are more a niche, insurance may be different. In most cases you do not need special insurance, but buying an insurance geared towards log homes might help prevent problems down the road. What […]

Chinking log siding | Should you?

Log siding is a often a great way to turn a modern home into a log home. It is also being used more and for new builds as it allows for regular insulation and walls… yet still the log home look. A very common question that people have is should they or can they chink […]

The most common problems with log homes and how to prevent them.

Log homes are an excellent investment, but that is not without their own problem. Log homes can last a generations, but that is only if they are well taken care of. Here is our complete guide to common log home problems and how to prevent them from ruining your log home. Top Log Home problems […]

How long will a log home last?

Log homes have been around for centuries. Being sturdy, rustic, and a natural insulator have made them an extremely popular choice. There are log home that are well over 100 years old. So how long can you expect your log home to last? Let’s go over the factors that will influence your log home’s lifespan. […]