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Guides on restoring log homes and cabins.

Can A Log Home Be Moved?

how to move a log cabin

If you are thinking about moving your cabin or log home, you are not alone. Many people weigh the option of moving their cabins each year. Many things will affect how successful the move will be and if it is cost affective to move your log home. The simple answer to: Can A Log Home […]

Can Log Homes Be Painted?

Log Home Rot

If you have a log home that needs new life, you may be considering painting it. I’ve seen log homes with a dark red and even some painted white that actually look good. But is this a good idea? Sometimes something that may look good can cause other problems. It can also hurt your resale […]

How To Strip A Log Home | All Methods

How To Strip A Log Home | All Methods

How To Strip A Log Home | All Methods Stripping your log home refers to when you take a layer off the outside log walls, typically to remove a layer of stain. Stripping methods include blasting with: crushed glass, sand, corn cob grit, walnut shells, or dry ice/baking soda. There are a variety of reasons […]

3 Steps |How To Clean Cabin Chinking.

3 Steps |How To Clean Cabin Chinking.

How To Clean Cabin Chinking. Chinking protects our log homes from the elements by sealing the spaces between the logs. As chinking ages it may reach a point where it looks rough but is not quite ready to be completely redone completely. In this case you may want to clean and paint your chinking to […]