Chinking log siding | Should you?

Log siding is a often a great way to turn a modern home into a log home. It is also being used more and for new builds as it allows for regular insulation and walls… yet still the log home look. A very common question that people have is should they or can they chink their log siding? Lets dive into chinking your log siding.

Do you need to chink log siding?

For most log siding you do NOT need to chink your log siding. Log siding will attach/overlap itself and does not necessary have a place for chinking. That is one of the benefits of using log siding.

Can you chink or caulk log siding?

Log siding will have a waterproof backer and does not need caulk or chinking. You should not chink or caulk your log siding. Chinking or caulking your log siding will be unnecessary and could actually do damage. Chinking or caulking your log siding will actually trap moisture behind your log siding and rot it from the back. This is why you should not chink or caulk your log siding.

What if I want the look of chinking?

If you want the look of chinking, the best option is to actually build a log home out of real logs. One options that we do not recommend but have seen people do is to paint between the gap of the log siding. This could be very difficult to do and could result in a mess. If you really want the chinking look, then choose real logs that will require chinking.

Chinking your log siding is not recommended and will not change the aesthetic that much. If you absolutely want chinking on your log home, then try real logs. Not having to chink your log siding is actually one of the reasons people go with log siding instead of going with real logs. Log siding is much easier to maintain and fix.

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