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Guides on how to maintain log cabins and log homes.

Log Homes & Allergies | Complete Guide

Log homes are beautiful, rustic, and associated with nature. We often refer to log homes as a lifestyle. Since log homes are a unique way of life, many people often ask about preventing allergies in their cabin. Even if you love the outdoors allergies can cause life to be pretty miserable. In this guide we […]

Common Log Home Health Problems & Preventions

One of the top questions we get are a variation of: Are log homes healthy? Many people seek the log home life for a healthier lifestyle. But are there health problems that come with log homes and if so what are they? Here we will break down the common log home health problems and how […]

How to install log railing | Guide

Log railings are a beautiful way to add to the aesthetic of your log home or any deck for that matter. In this guide we will go over everything you need to know about log railings and how to install them. How to install log railings: Things you will need: Purchase your log railings and […]

Chinking A Very Old Log Home | A Guide

If you have purchased or inherited a very old cabin or log home, you most likely have just inherited a project. Chinking has changed drastically from what it used to be. Old chinking used to be made of different mixes like mortar. Check: Different Types Of Chinking. Today chinking is much easier to apply, last […]

Natural Log Home Stain | The Need To Knows

If you are building a cabin or a log home, you will have to treat it. Treating your log home is very important to keeping it sealed and ensuring that your log home will live a long and healthy life. Before we dive into this article we have a disclaimer: We DO NOT recommend any […]

Log Homes and Humidity | Complete Guide

Humidity and wood do not typically mix well. So what effects does humidity have on your log home? In this article we will breakdown the must knows of humidity and your log home. Log home’s should have a fairly even level of humidity. To high or to low humidity can cause different types of problems. […]

What is Backer Rod? | Complete Guide

Chinking is very important for your log home’s protection. Chinking keeps logs sealed from moisture, weather, and pests. Backer Rod is an essential key to making sure that your chinking stays sealed and lasts. What is Backer Rod & how does it work? Backer Rod is a type of foam that is placed before chinking. […]

Chinking vs Caulk | When To Use Each

If you have a log home, then you will need both chinking and caulk to keep your log home sealed. Keeping your log home sealed will prevent moisture from rotting your logs and pests from entering your log home. This is essential to the longevity of your log home. A very common questions new log […]

Chinking log siding | Should you?

Log siding is a often a great way to turn a modern home into a log home. It is also being used more and for new builds as it allows for regular insulation and walls… yet still the log home look. A very common question that people have is should they or can they chink […]

How to Remove Chinking | Full Guide

Chinking typically last 20 years and for most of its life will only need small spots replaced. At the end of the chinking’s life, you will need to fully replace it. In the guide we will tell you when and how to remove your chinking. When to remove your chinking. Whenever you find a piece […]