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How to repair chinking | Complete Guide

Chinking is an essential part of your log home. However if chinking becomes damages, outdated, or is installed improperly it can fail. Failing chinking can lead to rot and other big problems. Check How to prevent rot. In this guide we will tell you what to look for and how to fix the common problems […]

How To Chink Your Log Home | Complete Guide

Chinking is an very important part of your log home. Chinking is what seals the spaces between the logs and prevents moisture and air from sneaking in. In this guide we will give you all of the steps and tips on how to install chinking in your log home. What exactly is chinking for a […]

The most common problems with log homes and how to prevent them.

Log homes are an excellent investment, but that is not without their own problem. Log homes can last a generations, but that is only if they are well taken care of. Here is our complete guide to common log home problems and how to prevent them from ruining your log home. Top Log Home problems […]

How To Treat Your Log Home Exterior | Ultimate Guide

Log homes exude rustic charm and timeless appeal, but to keep them looking their best, proper exterior treatment is essential. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the steps and techniques to ensure your log home remains a picturesque haven for years to come. When to stain your log home. You should stain your log home […]

Log home and Carpenter Bees | Guide

Log homes are great and will last a long time if maintained properly. While the aesthetic of wood is very attractive to us, it is also attractive to many pests. Carpenter bees are one of the most common pest that wreak havoc on wooden buildings. If not stopped early they can create lots of problems […]

How long will a log home last?

Log homes have been around for centuries. Being sturdy, rustic, and a natural insulator have made them an extremely popular choice. There are log home that are well over 100 years old. So how long can you expect your log home to last? Let’s go over the factors that will influence your log home’s lifespan. […]

Log Home Mobile Homes | The Affordable Option

With rising housing prices and tiny homes becoming more and more popular… mobile homes are no longer viewed in negative light. Mobile homes have a lot of great properties. They are great starter homes and they make excellent camps. Did you know that there are log mobile home companies? How about that you can take […]

Building a log home yourself | The Guide

Ever dream of building your own log home and moving off the grid? Did you know that dream is actually easier than ever to attain today? Log homes used to be very popular during America’s settling times. They provided a great natural insulation and are incredibly sturdy. Today, building your log home is much easier. […]

Log Home vs Timber Build Comparison

People looking to build a rustic type home have two options. They can build a log home or go with timber build. Both are popular in the rustic home community. Both are beautiful and unique. Many companies that manufacture log homes are also now manufacturing timber built homes as well. What’s the difference? We will […]