How to install log railing | Guide

Log railings are a beautiful way to add to the aesthetic of your log home or any deck for that matter. In this guide we will go over everything you need to know about log railings and how to install them.

How to install log railings:

Things you will need:

  1. Log Railings and Posts
  2. Measuring Tape
  3. Long Level
  4. Drill Bits
  5. Drill
  6. Ratchet Set
  7. Bungee Cords
  8. 2-3 Inch Outdoor self drilling screws
  9. 12 inch lag bolt with washers.
  10. Triple block beam (Treated 2x4s)

Purchase your log railings and posts.

The first step is to decide which railings and post you want. Companies like Lok N Logs manufacture log railings and posts with many options like having them hand peeled. You will measure your space and they will help you calculate what you need.

Put your sections together.

Some people choose to skip this step and just measure the holes for the next step. We recommend using bungee cords to hold together your railings. This allows you to make sure that everything is level before drilling the holes in the corner posts/logs.

Drill your holes in the corner posts of your deck.

How to install log railings.

You deck should have corner posts that go up to the roof. You want to take the section and make sure where you mark for the holes will be level. Once you have marked your holes, drill them using a drill bit slightly wider than the tip. Typically it is 2 inches. Check with your manufacturer as they can be different.

Put everything in place.

How to install log railings.

Once you have drilled your holes, you can now put everything in place. Make sure that you give the entire section a little tap to make sure it is snug. Don’t worry about being to snug as we will use screws to tighten everything after the next step.

Tighten the railing posts by attaching them into the deck.

How to install log railings. Attach the bottom

Now you want to screw together 3 of your 2×4 treated boards in order to make a triple beam block. This block will go underneath your deck and will attach to the pole of your log railings. Next pre drill a hole that will make it easier to screw in your 12 inch lag bolt with washers. You can also use lag bolts and a driver. Do not tighten your lags to tight. You want it to be snug enough, not not to lose its grip.

Add screws in the joints.

Install log railings. Add screws to the joints

Next step you will screw in the joints of your railings. This will stop them from coming out or coming loose as the deck shifts. You want the screws to go in at a slant. It is also important to use self drilling screws. Other types might crack the railings.

Repeat this process until complete.

Now you will just repeat the process until completed. That is it. Having a second person will make your life easier. A second person can make sure nothing moves as you are attaching the poles.

Stain your railings.

Since log railings are wood, it is important to protect them with stain. You will stain your railings the same way you will stain your log home. Check How To Treat Your Log Home.

Tips For Installing Log Railings.

  1. Always check with your code before you begin. Often codes can be different and you want to make sure that you meet them.
  2. Do not over-tighten anything. Tight is tight… to tight is broke. With wood you want to make sure that it holds. Screwing anything past tight will just ruin the thread hold.

That is it! You now installed your log railings. Enjoy the rustic charm. Also be sure to set a maintenance schedule for your log railings. They will need to be stained regularly just like your log home.

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