Top Log Railings Companies

Whether you have a log home, timber home, or something else… log railings can add rustic charm both inside and out. We already covered How To Install Log Railings Here. Now let us look at the top places to purchase log railings.

Tips on buying log railings.

Here are a few tips to know before buying log railings.

  1. If you are building, include them in your log home kit package.
    By including your railings in your log home kit it will also be included in your new construction loan as well. It will also mean that staining will be the same time and same shade. Thinking of building? Here are The Top Log Home Manufacturers.
  2. Check your codes.
    Codes vary and some places are more strict than others. In few instances code enforcers may not like log railings as requirements on railings get stricter. Problems can occur with height, gap sizes, and force tests. Check the codes before you buy. It can also vary depending on where you want to place them.
  3. Staining at the same time as your log home will make life easier.
    Staining at the same time that you stain your log home will prevent it from being visibly different and also mean that your staining schedule is the same for the entire cabin.

Top Log Home Railing Companies:

Lok N Logs

Lok N Logs is a log home manufacture that also produces log siding, log stairs, and log railings. They offer multiple options for their log railings and can do custom sizes. If you are building a log home, it is great to have it included in your overall package. They also are one of the few that offer hand peeled. Their log railings are made from pine and are kiln dried, and treated with borate for extra protection.

Northern Log Supply

Norther Log Supply began in 2003 with a focus on log railings. Their company quickly expanded into other materials. Still they make really great log railings that are made from cedar. What is also great about them is that they treat their logs as well and offer pre-stain solutions! They also have a lot of other options which may fit a timber frame home more than regular logs.

Meadow Valley

Meadow Valley is a log home company based out Wisconsin. They manufacture log homes, siding, and log railings. Their log railings are made out of cedar and have many options to got with.

Log Cabins For Less

Log Cabins For Less is located in Tennessee. They manufacture log homes and log railings as well. They offer a variety of log railings both made of logs and beam railings. They also use cedar which offers a natural protections and lasts.

Cedar Knoll

Cedar Knoll is a log home company located in NY that also makes log railings. They use cedar for their log railings. Cedar knoll is great for people who want something more custom or unique. They have plenty of options to choose from. Be sure to check out their selection.

There are plenty of log railing companies on the market. If you are planning on building a log home, then we highly recommend going with your log home company and including it in your kit. If you are simply adding log railings to a building, then be sure to check you local codes before you buy. Certain log railings may not pass codes. One problem can be the gap size. Check the codes and be sure to check the specific dimensions before buying your log railings.

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