Log Home Garages | Complete Guide

If you have a log home, you will most likely want a log garage to go with it. Log garages are great for workshops, mancaves, and more. In this guide we will dive into how to buy or build a log home garage. There are actually a few options that you have.

Here are your options for log home garages:

If you want a rustic garage, you actually have a few options to go with. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages.

Convert a garage into a rustic garage.

If you already have a regular garage, you don’t have to buy a new one to get a log garage. You can convert your log garage by using log siding. Log siding is a great option that actually is a better insulator than tin alone. All you have to do is remove the siding on your current garage and install log siding. Some people install the log siding on the interior as well to make the garage appear to be made of logs inside and out. Another option is using tongue and groove on the interior. Checkout: Log Siding vs Full Logs.

Build a full log garage.

If you are building a log garage from scratch, then you might want to go with a full log kit. Most log home manufactures also produce log garages. What is great about getting a log garage from a manufacture is that you can lump it in with the loan of your log home. Working with a log home manufacture also allows you to design the log garage exactly how you want. Log garages are also easy to build. You simply put the kit together just like a log home. Here are the Top Log Home Manufacturers To Choose From.

Buy a Garage Kit and Add Log Siding.

A great option is to buy a garage kit without the siding and then purchase the log siding and convert it. People often do this option as they typically want different walls on the inside. What is great about this option is that most garage kit companies will put up the frame for you. In a few cases some will even install the log siding for you if you pay extra. This way also allows you to use regular insulation and makes it easier to wire your garage or out building. Some log home companies also sell these types of kits that are made with 2x4s and have log siding. It is a good idea to check with them first and compare pricing.

Tips for building a log home garage.

Buying from your log home manufacture may be the most affordable.

If you are already buying a new log home kit, your most affordable option is to include a log garage with it. This will allow you to include it in your new build loan. It will be cheaper and easier to have a single loan, than to try and build it later or separately. What is great about this is that the builder will most likely just include it in the price as well, since they will be there.

Building your garage at the same time as your log home will keep the stains matching.

If you build and stain your log garage at a different time than your log home, the stains might not match. By building them at the same time and staining them at the same time, it will make your stains match. It will also make it easier for maintenance.

Log Garages require regular maintenance.

The thing to know is that a log garage will require regular maintenance. If you use log siding, you will not need chinking. Both a full log and log siding though will need to be stained and re-stained every 3-5 years. Often people forget that wood siding of any type will require maintenance. Check Log Siding vs Full Logs.

There are different log profiles to choose from.

The great thing about going with a log garage is that you have many options to choose from. In terms of profiles you can choose from between shaped or hand peeled. You also get to determine the shade with the stain or paint it.

Overall log garages are rustic and look great on any property. The great thing about a log garage is that it is perfect for any type of out building. You can use them as barns, woodshops, and more.

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