Building a log home yourself | The Guide

Ever dream of building your own log home and moving off the grid? Did you know that dream is actually easier than ever to attain today? Log homes used to be very popular during America’s settling times. They provided a great natural insulation and are incredibly sturdy. Today, building your log home is much easier. Instead of having to cut your own trees, shape your logs, debark your logs, and build a log home scratch… there are better options. Log home kit companies, will pre-cut, kiln dry, and treat your logs. They also provide a numbered system for easier assembly. If you have tools, friends, and are handy… you should be able to build your own log home.

Here is how to build your own log home.

Acquire land.

Before you can build, you will need a place to build. Sometimes if you are looking to acquire the land and build a log home, you can get a new construction loan for all of it. Many people who are interested in building a log home already have a site in mind. Log homes are heavy and will require sturdy ground. Make sure that your location is not to wet and that you can get heavy equipment on site. Remember you will have to take deliver of your logs.

Determine your budget.

Log homes are very customizable and can be designed to fit your budget. Before you start your it is a good idea to get pre-approved and see how much you can afford. By setting your budget first, you will avoid surprises. You can design your log home in way that makes you and your budget happy.

Here is our guide to log home financing. Click Here.

Choose your log home company.

There are plenty log home manufactures and each of them are different. Pine is what most companies use. Cedar is used by a few. Each manufacturer has different log thickness, profiles, and options included in their kits. The manufacture that you choose should be based on what you envision in your log home. Here are the Top Log Home Manufactures and Their Products. Don’t be afraid to talk with a few before deciding.

Design your log home.

Now that you know your budget and have chosen your log home company, it is time to design your log home. Log home companies will have a designer that will work with you to help you get the most out of your budget. It can be a lot of fun designing your log home to be just how you want it. If you aren’t picky plenty of log homes have pre-designed models to choose from. As you design your log home, make sure that you keep in mind you will have other expenses. Other expenses can be site prep, plumbing, electrical, machine rentals, and other things that aren’t included.

Complete the loan.

Once your log home is designed you can then bring your signed quote to your lender and close on your log home kit. If you are getting a new construction loan for your log home, it is important to keep this process going as banks take time. Check one of our most important guides: Here is our guide to log home financing. Click Here.

Prep your site for your log home.

The work begins here. You will need to prep your site for your log home. This includes leveling your site, gravel if needed, building your foundation, and making sure that equipment can access your site. It is important to check with the log home manufacture on what they recommend. Log homes are pretty heavy and may require more site prep than other types of housing. This will also depend on the size and style of log home that you choose.

Lay your first logs (get a starter lesson).

The first layer of logs is perhaps the most important. If you make a mistake here it will hurt the entire project. We recommend having someone from the log home company come and give you a starter lesson. They will typically help lay the first layer of logs and make sure that you are on the right track. Each log home company is different, that means each will have different steps.

Lay the rest of the logs (lifts may be needed).

Once you have the process down. The rest will be pretty straightforward. Log homes typically come with a number system telling you exactly where each log goes. Logs are pre-cute and should NOT be cut with a chainsaw. Before you breakout the chainsaw… CALL THE LOG HOME COMPANY. This is perhaps the most common mistake. People will start cutting with a chainsaw thinking there is a problem, when it is often a misunderstanding. If you are having trouble. Call your dealer and check with them. As you get to the rafters, roof, and second layer… your life will be made much easier by renting a lift. Machinery will help make sure that nothing is damaged and that things are set in place.

Seal your log home.

Once you have finished the exterior of your log home. You of course will be able to finish the interior. The next and most important step is to seal your log home. You need to stain your log home to the shade of your liking. Chink your log home and caulk any other areas where moisture may get in. Once your log home is sealed… you did it!

Enjoy your log home and keep the maintenance!

This is the basic journey in building a log home. Once you have built your dream log home, it is important to maintain it and set a maintenance schedule. Log homes require maintenance If maintained well they will last a long time and make for a great investment. Check Are Log Homes a Good Investment?

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