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With rising housing prices and tiny homes becoming more and more popular… mobile homes are no longer viewed in negative light. Mobile homes have a lot of great properties. They are great starter homes and they make excellent camps. Did you know that there are log mobile home companies? How about that you can take an old trailer and turn it into a log home?

Buying a Log Home Modular.

One of the easiest ways to get a cabin on your property is to purchase a log home modular. Lancaster Log Cabins manufactures a log home RV/Modular that will be fully made in their factory and delivered to your site. This is both an easy and affordable method to getting a log home. It is also great for those who are shopping for a mobile home style… but want something different. The great part about a log mobile home is that you can move it much easier than moving a log home. It is also less work and will come with everything you need. If you want to go this route checkout The Top Log Home Modular Companies Here.

How to turn an existing mobile home into a log mobile home.

Mobile homes are all over the place. Just one search on marketplace or craigslist and you can easily find a handful for sale. A new trend is buying a used mobile home and breathing life back into its. What better way to do this than to turn a mobile home into a log home. Not only will you increase its value, you will make it a cozy place to camp or live! The best way to do this is to install real log siding and tongue and groove on the inside.

Acquire a mobile home.

Of course the first step of turning a mobile home into a log home is to own a mobile home. There are plenty of them on Facebook Marketplace, craigslist, and local newspaper ads. You can also go to your local mobile home and check with them. Sometimes they will have a trailer they want to get rid of. We even found some that were free; just pay to have it moved. There are also plenty of properties for sale that already have mobile homes on them. Another option is you can order a mobile home or modular with just the shell and no siding.

Remove the old siding and install a water barrier.

The first step to transforming your mobile home into a log mobile home is going to be removing the siding. You will want to be careful not pull the insulation out if possible. Watch out for wires and plumbing as well. Mobile homes do not have thick walls and can easily be damaged by sledge hammer/crowbar. Once you have removed the siding. You need to add a water barrier. You can use waterproof backerboard or water resistant house wrap. This is important as it will keep the moisture out.

Install log siding.

Once your mobile home is prepped and you have installed your water barrier, you can now install your log siding. Just like any siding, you want to start with the bottom layer. Make sure that your bottom layer is very level. Then you simply work your way up the side of your walls. If you want to have increase your look Lok N Logs offers false corners which will make it look like you are using full logs. You can learn more here.

Stain your log siding.

Lok N Logs log siding is kiln dried and pressure treated. You will still want to stain it in order to protect the wood. With log siding you do not need to chink or add caulk. That is what the water barrier is for that you added. You want water to be able to escape. Siding needs to be able to breath.

Add tongue and groove to the inside.

If you really want to get the log home feel. You can add tongue and groove to the inside of the mobile home. Tongue and groove will make it feel much more like a cabin and brighten the place up. There are plenty of styles of tongue and groove. My personal favorite is pine. It will matches with the log siding which is pine.

That’s it! Now you have taken a mobile home and added life to it. A simple renovation project, project on a budget, and log home that you can move.

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