Top log home modular companies.

If you are looking to build a camp and not a home; a log home modular might be a better choice than a log home kit. If you aren’t sure what the difference is you can read our article: Modular Log Home vs Log Home Kits. A log modular is going to be one of the quickest and most affordable ways to get yourself a cabin. There are plenty of log home companies on the market and it can be difficult to find the perfect fit for you.

If you are looking for a lot home kit manufacture. Click here for the Top Log Home kit manufactures. Log home kits are geared towards people who are looking to build a home and want more customization.

The Top Log Home/Cabin modular Companies.

These are the top companies for buying a pre-built cabin for your camp.

1. Lancaster Log Cabins

Lancaster is one of the top producers of modular log cabins. They are located in Gap, Pennsylvania. They are also an approved KOA vender. Their log cabins are perfect for campsites. They manufacture different styles of small cabins. They also have an RV log cabin which has wheels and can be moved easily. You can browse their models here.

2. Zook Cabins

Zook Cabins is located in Atglen, Pennsylvania. They have many styles to choose from and many of them are more modern styles. They also have smaller glamping pods that look like mini A-Frame cabins. If you are looking for something unique/more modern, you might want to check out Zook Cabins Here.

3. Conestoga Cabins and Log homes

Conestoga cabins is located in Lebanon, PA. They manufacture camp cabins, bathhouses, bunkhouses, and more. They serve both campgrounds/commercial and individual use. If you want a small 143 square foot cabin, their Conestoga & Pioneer starts at $26,078. You can browse their models here.

4. DeerRunCabins

DeerRunCabins is located in Campbellsville, Kentucky. They manufacture Amish built cabins that are great for camps. They have many pre-built options to choose from and will build + ship to your location. They actually include basic kitchens, bathrooms, and lofts. If you are looking for a larger camp and want more options, you might want to checkout DeerRunCabins.

5. Summerwood Products (Canmore Cabin Design)

Summerwood Products is located in Toronto, Canada. They manufacture many different products such as Garden sheds, gazeboes, pavilions, playhouses, cabins, and more. Their mini cabins are great for camping, outdoor offices, and more. If you are looking for stylish choice, and many different size options they might be just what you are looking for. Check out their models here.

6. Westwood Cabins

Westwood Cabins is located in Due West, South Carolina. If you don’t care if the it has the log home look, Westwood might before you. Westwood makes little cabins and uses horizontal lap siding or vertical board & batten siding. They do have a log siding upgrade option as well. These are the perfect size for a small camp. You can find their models here.

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