Log home vs Stick Build complete comparison.

When people are deciding to build a home they have four options; log home, stick built, modular or timber build. All are actually quite different. In this article we will go over the key differences between stick built and a log home. These two have a lot of differences to consider. If you are curios about Log Home vs Modular Log Home Click HERE.

The key differences between a log home and stick built home.

Energy Efficiency Log home vs Stick built.

Stick built houses are typically going to have a higher R-Value. Manufactured insulation, siding, etc. is overall going to have a higher rating than most log homes. Log homes that have logs 10 inches wide are going to have an R-Value of about R-14. There are companies that provide insulated logs that achieve a higher R-Value. However a big difference that people don’t consider is breathability. Logs are great natural insulators and will help keep the home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Overall when it comes to energy efficiency, it is mostly a numbers games with R-Value. Log homes are very energy efficient. Learn more: Are Log Homes Energy Efficient?

The cost of a Log Home vs Stick built.

There is not a straightforward answer for this one. Log homes and stick build homes are going to be similar in cost. Both require material and both require craftsmen to build them. Both are going to vary greatly depending on your choices in the build. Both also have companies that will sell entire kits and give bulk discounts on materials. One could argue that a log home kit can be self built much easier than a stick built. Assembling your own log home will greatly reduce the cost. Since both are very close in price we recommend going with what you want. You can adjust either to fit your liking and budget.

Resale Value of a Log Home vs Stick Build.

Our research comparing similar log home vs regular homes found that log homes were selling around 40% higher in most cases. We also found that log homes in many counties had less time on market (they sold faster). Log homes are a niche which means there is limited log homes being built and plenty of demand. In our article Are log home kits a good investment? we also explain that the new work from home movement has increased demand. In the case of resale value a log home mostly will win. However each case is different. Location, amount of acreage, and other factors will affect resale value. Be sure to do your research in your area first!

Maintenance of a Log Home vs Stick Build.

It is no secret that owning a home is a lot of work. Anyone reading this that has owned a home knows. The maintenance on a log home is going to be more than a stick built home. Log homes should be stained every 3-7 years, chinking should be checked yearly, and all caulk kept up. Log homes are very sturdy and will last an incredibly long time, but they need to be kept up. This maintenance can be an extra cost as well. Stick built homes will typically come with siding that is set to last 30+ years. If you are looking for something with very low maintenance and don’t look forward to staining every few years… you may want to consider a stick build.

Renting out a Log Home vs Stick Build.

The world has changed. More and more people are turning to short-term rentals instead of choosing hotels. This means that if you own a home there is an opportunity to rent it out and earn extra income. Owning a regular stick built home will typically not rent out as easily as owing a log home. With short-term rentals, the money is in the niches. Of course there are other factors like where your home is located, nearby attractions, and size that will affect the rentability.

The most important factor when it comes to log home vs stick build is going to be what makes you happy. We continually say here that log homes are a lifestyle. If you want that lifestyle… go for it. Check out: The Top Log Home Manufactures.

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