Are log home kits a good investment?

One of the largest investments we will every make is our home. Log homes are unique to the housing world and have been around for hundreds of years. Now it is easier than ever to build a log home via a log home kit. With a log home kit you can design and build the log home of your dreams. But before you buy a log home kit, you might wonder if it is going to be a good investment. In this article we will breakdown some data on log homes and help answer this question.

Are log home kits a good investment?

We are not providing investment advise and we are not advisors. But we will try to answer this question with facts. The short answer is log homes generally make good investments and have higher resale value than regular homes. If you want more here are reasons why log homes are a good investment.

Why log homes are a good investment.

Log homes have a higher resale value.

We did some research. We compared listings that were comparable in size, acreage, and location. We averaged the stick built houses and then averaged the log home listings. We found that on average log homes were about 40% higher in price to comparable properties. Not to mention log homes were selling faster. Log homes are limited in supply and typically standout when listed.

Log homes are energy efficient.

Even though log homes get a bad rap for having a lower R-Value than regular build. Full logs are a great insulators and offer a breathability that other forms just can’t. Logs can provide a natural and effective temperature regulation in your home. They will help keep it cooler on hot days and warmer in the winter. With a log home it is important to keep chinking and caulk updated to achieve the best energy efficiency.

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Log homes last.

There are log homes still standing after over 100 years. Log homes built today are even better as stains and treatments get better. As long as a log home has the proper maintenance, it should last a very long time. Logs are very sturdy and withstand plenty of what life throws at it. While regular siding will fade and chip with time.

Market demand doesn’t fluctuate.

Niche homes see much less of a fluctuation than traditional housing. With todays housing market and talks of a crash, niche markets like log homes might offer a more stable investment. The ability to get out of your house at anytime and not lose money should be everybody’s goal. While it is not guaranteed, if history repeats itself, this should remain true.

People can now work from anywhere.

With people having the ability to work from anywhere, more and more people are leaving cities. The remote working wave has created even more demand for country homes. This adds an extra layer of protection to your investment.

They make great short-term rentals.

How to Start a cabin rental business.

Instead of staying in hotels, more and more people are opting for short-term rentals. With platforms like Airbnb it is easier than ever to rent out your log home. Unique homes like log homes not only have a higher rate, but they also have higher demand. If you aren’t living full-time in your log home, you just might be able to turn it into a business. If you have a larger log home, you might even be able to rent it out for small business retreats.

Log homes are a great investment especially if you love them. We at Cabin Dreamers see it as a lifestyle rather than just a house.

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