The Top Log Home Manufacturers.

The days of logging your own timber, cutting, drying, and shaping your own logs for a log home are over. Now it is easier than ever to realize your dream of owning a log home. Log home kits allow you to design and build your own log home much faster.

Here are the top log home kit manufacturers for building your dream log home.

1. Lok N Logs Log Homes

Lok N Logs Log home is a log home kit company based in Sherburne, NY. Lok N Logs is a family business founded by James Webb in 1975. Lok N Logs is a fully custom product with an easy to assemble kit that can be made small or for larger luxury log homes.

Their Product: Lok N Logs uses 10 inch wide Pine logs that are kiln dried and borate pressure treated. Their larger logs allow them to pass codes in most states. Lok N Logs also includes a lifetime warranty against wood digesting bugs and decay. They also offer hand peeled logs.

2. Southland Log Homes

Southland Log Homes was started in 1978 and is located in Columbia, South Carolina. They manufacture both log homes and hybrid timber frame homes.

Their Product: Southland log homes produces custom log profiles that can be from 8-12 inches thick. Their logs are kiln dried as well.

3. eLoghomes

Eloghomes is a log home company founded in 2009 and is located in Battleboro, North Carolina. They offer a a fully custom product with many options.

Their Product: eLogHomes uses Eastern Pine logs. They dry their logs over months. Their logs are 6-8 Inches wide. They also offer many profiles.

4. Golden Eagle Log & Timber

Golden Eagle is a large company based in Wisconsin Rapids, WI. They are pride themselves in being a one-stop shop for both log home and timber built houses. They sell everything for your home including, cabinets, kitchens, and more.

Their Product: Their main product is an insulated wall with log siding. They also have full logs and insulated full log walls available.

5. Beaver Mountain Log & Cedar Homes

Beaver Mountain Log & Cedar homes was founded in 1982 by the Clark family. Located in Deposit, NY, they manufacture both log homes and timber frame homes.

Their Product: Beaver mountain log & cedar homes uses eastern pine logs that are pre-cut and kiln dried. Their logs are 10 inches wide.

6. Timberhaven Log Homes

Timberhaven log homes is located in Middleburg, PA. They also manufacture log and timber frame homes.

Their Product: Timberhaven uses eastern pine logs and has a variety of log profiles. They kiln dry their logs and offer profiles up to 12 inches wide.

7. Katahdin Cedar Log Homes

Katahdin is unique in the log home industry as they use northern cedar logs. Katahdin is located in Maine where cedar can be sustainably harvested. They were founded in 1973 and produce other cedar products such as fencing and garden products out of their “waste”.

Their Product: Katahdin uses cedar. They offer kiln dried, pre-cut, and hand peeled logs.

Each log home kit company is different. Before you build, make sure that you check each of them out. Don’t forget that there is a difference between log home kits, timber frame, and log modular. You might also be interested in with log siding. Check out: Log Siding vs Full log Homes.

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