Modular Log Home vs Log Home Kit

If are thinking about building a cabin/log home, you will see plenty of ads for log home companies. If you want to see our list check out: The Top Log Home Companies. While many of them are different, the main difference that you need to know is a modular vs log home kit. So what is the difference and how can you tell?

The difference between a log home kit and log home modular is; a modular is typically built in a factory and on a frame. A log home kit is going to be built on site and on a foundation.

What are the main differences between a modular and log home kit?

1. Where they are built.

Log home kits are pre-cut, kiln dried, and then built on site and will require a foundation. Log home modular is pre-built in a factory and delivered on site. A modular can often be moved and may even come with wheels.

2. Wall size and options.

Modular log homes typically have thinner walls that are not well insulated. They get away with having a lower R-Value due to being classified as a trailer. But a big difference between a log home modular and a camper is you can drive a camper. This makes a log modular better for camps, rather than a full-time home.

Log home kits typically have higher R-Values. Full logs can be up to 12 inches thick and some come insulated. This means that they can pass energy efficiency codes and save on your heat bill. Most log companies also have many log profile options. For example you can have a flat log on the inside and curved on the outside or vice versa. Check out: Are log homes energy efficient.

3. Price.

Modular homes are often cheaper than log home kits. Modular log homes use thinner walls and are typically smaller in size. They also come already built. Log home kits come in numbered kits that will need to be assembled, which comes at an extra cost. Kits also result in a fully built log home with a foundation and will hold their value.

4. Customization.

Log home kits are are typically fully customizable. With a kit you can choose your log profile, layout, custom layouts, and much more. A modular will typically have much less options as it is factory made. If you are using it for a simple camp that might not matter to you.

log home plan.

5. Resale value.

When it comes to resale value the log home will win. Log homes add significant value to a property and can by purchased with a regular mortgage. If you place a modular on the property it not only will have a lower market value, but many lenders will not lend to buy a modular or they will require large down payments. Log home kits that result in a real log home have been known to hold have higher values than even regular built houses. If you want to hold your property as an investment, a log home kit will hold its value more.

6. Mobility.

If there is a chance that you may want to move your log home/cabin, then you might want to consider a modular. A modular is going to be built with the ability to be moved. A log home can be moved: Can a log home be moved? but it isn’t as easy as a modular. Log homes will be built to last and stay on a property. This is why it is easier to sell a log home rather than a log modular. Banks like something that can’t be moved. Don’t forget so does the tax man!

Who should buy a log home and who should buy a modular?

Log modular are a great, quick, affordable way to get a cabin on your property. In most cases these make great camps. However if you are looking for a home and something that is customizable, will hold its values, and is more permanent… a log home kit will be perfect for you. It all comes down to what you can afford and what fits your needs. Hopefully this breakdown helps you on your journey to building your dream log home.

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