Log Home vs Timber Build Comparison

People looking to build a rustic type home have two options. They can build a log home or go with timber build. Both are popular in the rustic home community. Both are beautiful and unique. Many companies that manufacture log homes are also now manufacturing timber built homes as well. What’s the difference? We will break down the main differences in this article. If you want to know the difference between a log home and stick build click here.

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What is timber built?

A timber built refers to a type of build that uses large wooden beams, columns, and framing members. Timber frame houses use unique joining methods that add to the aesthetic of the house. They can vary in different types of siding, and other options throughout building. Timber built houses are typically the middle option for those who don’t quite want a log home… but don’t want just regular stick build.

The key differences between log home and timber built.

Cost of a timber build compared to a log home.

Log homes and timber built home are both going to vary depending on the options that you choose. When it comes to assembly, log home kits may be cheaper to assemble as compared to most timber options. Log home kits are pre-cut and will stack for assembly. Timber built homes will require much more skill to assemble and have more parts.

Maintenance of a timber build compared to a log home.

Log homes typically will require more maintenance. They will need to be re-stained every 3+ years and chinking should be checked often. If maintence is kept up, log homes will last an incredibly log time. Timber built homes typically will not require as much maintenance, depending on which type of siding you use and what options you choose.

Energy efficiency of a timber build compared to log home.

Log are a great natural insulation but will have a lower R-Value. It will also depend on the thickness of your logs. Logs that are 10 inches wide have an R-14 Value. Which meets most code standards. Timber built homes will typically use regular insulation and have a much higher R-Value.

Customizability of a timber build compared to a log home.

Log home kits have many options via log profiles. You can choose to have full logs, log siding, insulated logs, peeled logs, logs that are curved on one side and flat on the other. There are plenty of options for log homes, but timber built houses will have more. With timber built houses you can choose from all of the types of siding. You will have much more customizability with a timber build than a log home. If you aren’t into log homes then you might want to consider a timber build.

Log home vs Timber build.

Log home vs timber build. Both of them offer many options and both offer an attractive rustic aesthetic. Log homes will require more maintence and timber built will offer more customizability. Ultimately it is all in what you want. Check out To log home kit pros and cons.

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