Log Siding VS Full Logs For Log Homes

You don’t have to build a log home to get the log home look. Log siding is a great alternative to full logs and still gets you that log home look. If you are torn between building a log home and using log siding, we will help you with a side by side comparison. While they are both great and offer that authentic log home feel, they are pretty different.

How log siding stacks up against full logs.


Log Siding – Log siding cost less than full logs. While log siding is going to be cheaper, it may not be the case for your full project. If you are going to build a stick house and then side it in log siding, the overall cost may be more. However, if you want the log home look and already have a house, it may save you money by just replacing the siding. Often people with log homes choose to use log siding for their garages, barns, and sheds.

Full Logs – Full logs cost more than log siding. Full logs generally are only used for new builds. Which means you will be getting a new genuine log home. The cost of building a log home and building a stick build can both vary, depending on the market and specifics. In most cases a stick build is going to be cheaper than a log home. However, once you add real log siding the cost may be close.


Log Siding – Log siding is very easy to install and can be installed on existing buildings. You will not need to chink log siding or use backer rod.

Full Logs – Full logs are fairly easy to install but will require more work. Full logs are not something that you can install on a pre-existing building. Full logs are generally for new builds only.

Maintenance and Replacement

Log Siding – Log siding will require slightly less maintenance than full logs. Generally you will still want to stain them if they are made of real wood. Log siding is also very easy to repair and replace.

Full Logs – It is no secret that log homes require a lot of maintenance. You have to keep them clean, stained, and chinking in check. If you need to replace logs, since they are your entire wall, it can be very difficult and expensive. This is why it is very important to keep the maintenance up to date on your log home.

Summary of Each

Log Siding – Log siding is an affordable option that allows you to turn most any building or home into a log home. The benefits are you get the log home look, without having to build a log home. Log siding is often made and treated the same as full logs. Installation and replacement is fairly easy. Compared to full logs, this is a great alternative. If you are going to side your current home, it may be worth considering resale value. Not everybody loves log siding.

Full Logs – Full logs are great for new builds. Especially if you want an authentic log home. Full logs can be costly but are a great way to build quickly, especially with a log home kit.

Both are great options depending on what you have and what you want. Both can be energy efficient and both offer that great log home look. There is no winner. It will completely depend on what your needs are. Are you thinking about log siding?

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