Log home kit pros and cons.

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Log homes are certainly a different type of housing. We like to refer to log home living as a lifestyle rather than just a house. Typically when someone builds a log home, they are following through on a dream. A kit is one of the best ways to build your dream log home. A kit is fully customizable, fairly easy to assemble, and has many profile options. But before you build a log home, you may want to know the pros and cons. In this article we will help you with the pros and cons list. Make sure to consider each before you buy a log home kit.

Pros of a log home kit:

  1. Log home kits are customizable: Log home kits have many options. With a log home kit you can choose your layout, roof style, and log profiles. Log profiles can be full logs, insulated logs, log siding, shaped on one side and flat on the other. You can even choose an options to have them hand peeled for a rustic look.
  2. Easy Assembly: Since the logs are pre-cut, and marked, building your log home is much easier than a regular stick-build. It’s like a giant, rustic puzzle!
  3. Cost-Savings: Log home kits are often cheaper than most people think. Building a custom house can have fluctuating pricing depending on lumber and other cost. A log home kits will be a fixed cost.
  4. Time Savings: Log home kits are going to come pre-cut, kiln dried, and sometimes treated. This saves a lot of time compared to regular construction.
  5. The experience: The entire experience of building your own log home is great. You get to design it from scratch or a pre-selected model. If you are assembling it yourself, that is another great experience you’ll never forget.

Cons of a log home kit:

how to replace a log home. Log Rot
  1. Energy efficiency: Depending on where you live and your codes, some log home kits are not thick enough to pass codes. Check out our article: Are log homes energy efficient to learn more.
  2. More Maintenance: Log homes will last and incredibly long tom given they are maintained properly. They need to be stained every so many years, chinking needs to be fixed, and other regular maintence done. This can be an added expense. But it can also be worth having your dream log home.
  3. Pests: Log homes are going to be more susceptible to pest. Wood boring insects, flies, and other pest can cause damage. Some companies like Lok N Logs use borate treatment which helps protect against pests. This can be added maintaince cost.
  4. Building Codes: Many locations especially in the US are becoming very strict with codes and trying to fight log homes. Some states have made special exceptions for log homes. As codes get stricter it may become harder to build a log home. Log home companies are often selling thicker logs that help pass codes and some are now selling hybrid logs with insulation in them.
  5. Site Requirements: Log home kits will require a foundation to build upon. They will also require a large delivery. If you are trying to build on a super remote location, it can be difficult to get the logs on site.

Overall log homes are a great investment if you are into the lifestyle. If you are looking for something that is low maintained then a log home might not be fore you. If you love the outdoors, don’t mind DIY and projects then the log home life is probably for you. Overall you should consider these pros and cons before building your own log home.

Bonus pro: Log home resale value. Typically when building a home it may take years to build any type of equity. Log homes are rare and unique. They typically sell higher than the average home and faster. A log home can be a great investment and they also do great with short-term rentals for extra income. How to start a cabin rental business.

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