Why are there flies in my log home?

Cluster flies in log homes and how to get rid of them

If you own a log home, you might notice that you have a lot of large flies in it. This problem typically happens more in the fall and winter months. These flies are called cluster flies and if you have them in your log home, you can easily see why they are called that. These annoying pest will appear year after year and can seem endless when trying to clean them up.

What are cluster flies?

Cluster flies are large flies that have a bit of yellow on them. As their name states, they cluster together in large groups. They are not destructive, but they are annoying and will create loud buzzing and as they die large piles of dead ones.

Why are there cluster flies in my log home?

Cluster flies hibernate inside during the winter months. This means that they will exploit any crack or crevasse that they can find to get inside. During the fall and winter months these flies will seek the warm areas of your log home. This means they may be found at higher elevations as heat rises. This leads to loud buzzing and piles of dead flies.

How to do I get rid of cluster flies in my log home.

Cluster flies seek the warmth of your home. This means that they will creep in anyway they can. In most cases windows, cracks, screens, and other places they can find a path. The only way to get rid of cluster flies completely is to seal up your log home. You can do this by finding our where they are entering.

  • Check windows for broken screens. The most common entry way is through a broken screen or window that doesn’t have a screen. Screens add an extra layer of protect from cluster flies and other pests.
  • Check around windows for cracks. Around the edges of your windows is a place where gaps can occur. By caulking any gap you are not only keeping cluster flies out; you are also keeping moisture out. Any hole big enough for a fly is big enough for water.
  • Check around doors as well. Doors that are not installed properly can have gaps that let flies and cold air into your log home. Adding rubber at the bottom of your door where most doors have a problem can help.
  • Check chinking. If your chinking is failing it can also be a place for flies to enter. Chinking is an important layer of protect for your log home and should be checked often.
Cluster flies in a log home. How to get rid of them the right way.

Should I use insecticide for the flies in my log home?

Before you reach for the bottle of insecticide, remember that they are getting in somehow. Insecticides are not something that you want in your home. They also do not fix the problem. We recommend finding the entry place and sealing it up. Remember, if a fly can come in… so can moisture. Unless you are leaving your windows/door open, these flies are finding a way in. They do not breed inside as it is hibernation season for them. This means all flies are coming from the outside-in. Once you seal your log home. We recommend vacuuming the remaining flies. This will help you determine if there are other entry points you missed.

A few cluster flies are bound to happen. If you have a few, this is completely normal. These flies seek the warmth and will sneak in while you open and close the door. It is the large amounts of them that means you have another entry point.

Bonus method.

If you want to ensure your log home is sealed as tight as possible. You can do an airtightness test. This will pressurize your log home and expose any rooms with leaks. This is great for finding spots that leak air. This is also the most expensive method and not necessary for preventing cluster flies.

Have a unique method for getting rid of cluster flies? Let us know in the comments. Share with the log home community!

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