Are log home kits worth it?

Log home kits are a great way to build the log home of your dreams at a much faster pace. When building a log home, you have a few options. You could cut the trees yourself and build your own, you can go with a custom Amish built cabin, or order a kit. Most people choose to go with a kit. There are many log home kit companies and their prices can vary depending on the quality, type of wood, and what they offer.

Often the price of these kits surprise people and have them wondering, is it worth it?

The simple answer is that there are no cheap ways to build a log home. Log homes will cost you, but do typically make great investments. Long home kits are usually worth it as long as you buy the kit from a company that has good quality.

Why log home kits are worth it.

Treated logs that last longer.

Treated logs last longer, help protect against bugs and rot, and will be easier to maintain. Often if you are building your own, or buying from a builder, the logs will not be treated. Log home companies like Lok N Logs and others, typically have a treatment facility. The logs are treated in an air tight tank that sucks the treatment deep into the wood. This would be very hard to have done without a treatment facility.

Kiln dried logs.

Log homes will settle more than a traditional home. A big factor in this movement and settling is moisture. Logs that have not been kiln dried properly can shrink much more and also lead to problems and discoloration. You can pay to have logs kiln dried, but at a steep price. With a log home kit company, they typically have a large kiln and can kiln dry large amounts at a lower price.

Professional designs and experience.

When working with a log cabin kit company, you get to gain from their experience. Having most likely designed hundreds of log homes, they will know what problems to lookout for. Typically you’ll have someone that will work with you to help you make your dream log home and meet your budget. Many offer a free first draft/mockup. The best part is you can make changes and adjustments all while seeing your quote to help you stretch your budget how you want.

You can do it yourself.

For the typical handy man/woman, you can have fun putting together your own log home kit. Most companies like Lok N Logs will send someone out to help you get started. Kits are cut in a specific way and labeled, making it fairly easy to put together. Many people love having the experience of building their own log home. It will make your custom log home that much more special.

You can order repair/extra logs.

Log home companies also sell logs individually for repairs or should you want to expand in the future. This way you know your logs will match with the same kind of wood and cuts. Very often people who build a log home, will want a log garage in the future or may need repair logs. Some log home kits also provide a warranty as long as you are keeping up on maintenance. Most builder will not provide a warranty for the logs.

What about the negatives?

The biggest argument is that a log home kit does not include plumbing… ect or the building of the log home. While there are some DIYers and builders who can offer logs at a discount, you may get what you pay for. Overall, buying treated, pre-cut, kiln dried, logs at a bulk discount is most likely worth it to most people who want a log home.

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