39 Places To Post Your Vacation Rental

If you are looking to grow your vacation rental, then you will want to post your rental on as many places as possible. The more exposure that your rental gets the more likely it is to stay full. There are many places that are completely free to post your rental. While it may take a bit of time it is worth going through this list and listing your rental on as many as possible.

  1. AirbnbAirbnb is one of the top booking websites for vacation rentals. It is free to post your rental and Airbnb will take a fee upon booking.
  2. VrboVrbo is another large vacation booking website that is very popular with travelers. We found that Vrbo will help get more international exposure for your vacation rental.
  3. Booking.comBooking.com is most known for its hotels. However they are quickly growing their house and apartment rental listings. This is a great place to benefit from their brand recognition as well as their heavy advertising.
  4. TripadvisorTripadvisor is another very strong brand. Millions of people use Tripadvisor to find places to eat, local attractions, and vacation rentals. This is a another must to get as much exposure as possible for your vacation rental.
  5. HomeToGoHomeToGo is a search engine for vacation rentals that searches across multiple listing sites. You can make sure that you are listed by going to their website and choosing to post your listing.
  6. Cabin Dreamers – If you a have cabin rental or log home to rent. CabinDreamers.com is a free place to list your cabin rental. Cabin Dreamers is one of the largest cabin communities. This is a great place to get a lot more exposure for free.
  7. OneFineStayOneFineStay is more of an exclusive booking website. If you have an exceptional stay this is a good option.
  8. HomeStay.comHomeStay is a very large booking website like Airbnb and Vrbo. Homestay is a great place to rent out an extra room for solo travelers or an entire vacation rental.
  9. Atraveo Atraveo is one of the largest booking websites in Europe featuring over 340,000 rentals. By posting on Atraveo your site will be featured across over 1,000 affiliated European websites.
  10. InterhomeInterhome is one of the oldest vacation booking websites. By posting on Interhome, you will actually be posting on many websites across the web.
  11. 9Flats.com9Flats is a very popular booking website in Europe.
  12. ExpediaExpedia is one of the largest and most used booking websites. Some may not like their fees but you will benefit from their large advertising budget and current audience.
  13. TrippingTripping.com is another very large search engine for vacation rentals. In order to make sure you are listed on Tripping make sure you are listed on one of their partner websites like Vrbo.
  14. RedAwning Redawning.com is more than just a booking website. They have many options for vacation rental owners. By posting on RedAwning, you can also have your listing on hundreds of other websites.
  15. ClickStayClickStay.com is a booking website for vacation rentals. ClickStay has very low fees and is very popular across Europe and South America.
  16. TheHolidayLetTheHolidayLet.com is a paid service but very affordable and an extra place to boost bookings.
  17. TravelStayionTravelStaytion is for the professionally managed vacation rental properties and has a very luxurious interface. This could be a great place to aim for higher end travelers.
  18. TripzTripz cost money to post but is a direct to owner booking platform. By paying upfront you will not have any other booking fees or percentages taken out.
  19. Facebook Marketplace – Facebook Marketplace has become very popular for buying and selling things. But did you know that it can also be a great place to post your rental? It is free to post and also allows you to easily advertise your listing at anytime.
  20. Craigslist – Craigslist still is used by millions of people to find deals. This is a great place to promote direct listings.
  21. CouchsurfingCouchsurfing is more for people with rooms or couches to rent. This is a great place for people who don’t mind having someone stay when you are there.
  22. Fewo-direktFewo-Direkt is geared towards the German traveler. By posting here you will open your vacation rental to more international travelers.
  23. RentaliaRentalia is very popular in Europe and a great place for European vacation rentals or people looking to advertise to Europeans.
  24. Cottages.com – This is more than just a booking website. They actually have many services for people who have vacation rentals. By posting with cottages.com you will get more exposure through many other sites.
  25. SnaptripSnaptrip is based in London and is growing very quickly. Since they are still growing this is a great time to get listed and grow with them.
  26. GuestHouserGuestHouser is more focused on India. If you have a rental in India then this is a must.
  27. Plum GuidePlum Guide is very selective about who they list. If you have a unique or beautiful vacation rental, then submit your post with them.
  28. KidandCoeKidandCo is geared towards families with children. If your vacation rental is kid approved then this is a great one to list your rental on.
  29. BringFido – If your vacation rental is pet friendly then you will want to list it on BringFido.com. BringFido is a booking website that caters to people who want to bring their pets with them on vacation.
  30. Cooperate Housing By Owner – If you have a larger rental or a rental in an area that attracts a lot of business professionals, then you may want to list on CHBO. CHBO is made for cooperate travelers. This is also a great place to get quality renters.
  31. Niche EscapesNiche Escapes provides travelers with a unique way of searching for stays by allowing them to search by different niche categories.
  32. Niche Retreatsnicheretreats.co.uk is more of an agency but also has a website for people that are looking to rent out their vacation rental.
  33. HandiscoverHandiscover is a booking website for people who need accessible accommodations. If your vacation rental is ground level and or has special accommodations then this is a great place to list your rental.
  34. Glamping HubGlampingHub.com is a booking website for unique outdoor stays. If your vacation rental includes a glamping experience then this is the perfect audience for you.
  35. Pink Vacation RentalsPinkVacationRentals.com is the go to for LGBTQ+ friendly stays.
  36. Oliver’s Travels – If you have a high-end vacation rental then you will want to list it on Oliver’s Travels. Oliver’s Travels features castles, villas, and other unique rentals.
  37. Social Media – Creating a Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Tiktok page is a great way to engage with travelers and get more exposure. Be sure to be active.
  38. Your Own Website – Having your own website is a great way to promote your vacation rental. It also allows for more flexibility and the ability to save on fees.
  39. Travel Blogs – There are plenty of travel bloggers who have large audiences. Asking them to feature your stay is a great way to get unique exposure.

If you own a vacation rental you never want to rely on one traffic source. The best method is to go through this list and list your rental on as many as possible. The more places you list your vacation rental the more exposure you have and the less dependent you are on a single website. It may take a little work but it will certainly be worth it! Did we miss any sites? Let us know in the comments!

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