How Log Homes Holdup To Hurricanes, Earthquakes, & Tornadoes

are log homes energy efficent?

Florida has hurricanes, California has earthquakes, and much of the Midwest gets frequent tornadoes. How do log homes standup to other home types in theses diverse types of extreme weather? Log homes have been around for hundreds of years. While they have changed greatly, the concept is still the same, stack logs on top of each other to make walls. What people don’t realize is that log homes are extremely solid and stable.

Can log homes endure hurricanes, earthquakes, or tornadoes?

This is a hard question to answer. No structure is completely safe from extreme weather. Log homes however, have a leg up on most modern structures. In most scenarios, the roof is the first thing to go. Most log home design can suffer some roof damage. Since log home walls are interlinked the walls are able to stand without a roof (in most models). As for earthquakes, log homes do have some room to move. Log homes, as long as they are taken care of can withstand extreme weather and hold up. Hardly any home can be hit with a tornado and not withstand any damage. You should always follow safety protocols during an emergency.

Compared to other building types.

The other two main types of building styles are stick built and concreate homes. Stick built is made onsite with walls that are framed out with 2x6s or 2x4s, then sided with a type of siding. Most homes are made stick built. Concreate homes are becoming more popular and are made with concreate and concreate blocks.

When it comes to withstanding extreme weather such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes, log homes stand in the middle. Of course each case is different. Stick built homes generally do not fair well in extreme weather. Today, many of the homes that are going up in places that have extreme weather are concrete homes. The technology and methods of building concrete homes today offer a lot of protection from the elements. Log homes may not be as strong as a concreate home, but they do carry a lot of the benefits.

Should you build a log home in places like Florida, California, or the Midwest?

When thinking about building a log home, many people worry about locations with extreme or harsh weather. To help ease your mind, plenty of log homes sit in tropical areas, locations with earthquakes, and other harsh locations. As long as you take care of the log home and do the proper maintenance, your log home should fair well. Log homes are extremely durable, especially if the the logs are treated. It is important to work with a designer or architect to ensure the best build for the location.

Modern cabins.

Modern cabins are cabins that typically use a mix of traditional and modern techniques. These cabins typically use a mix of logs, concrete, and other styles of building. Many modern cabins are designed to withstand extreme weather including tropical areas.

Many people think of log homes only in places like the Adirondacks or Alps. Log homes fair very well in many climates and many types of weather. Just be sure to get treated logs and consult with an expert before building.

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