Top Countries For Cabin Lovers

Here are the top countries for Cabin Dreamers who want to travel abroad and experience cabin life in a new country. If you want to truly experience cabin life, then you might want to also experience a new culture, terrain, and cuisine. This list is for people who want stay in a cozy cabin abroad. For each destination we took into account the cabin culture and determined if it has what a true Cabin Dreamer loves. Note this is not in any particular order. For example if you are in Europe we would recommend trying North America or vice-versus. Check each out and let us know which country you love for your cabin adventures!


Switzerland is undeniably a cabin dreamers paradise. You’ll find many beautiful cabins both traditional and modern, nestles amongst the Alps and many lakes. Go skiing in the winter or hiking in the summer this is place you’ll want to visit year-round. Switzerland is not short on cabin rentals either. There are many to choose from and at many different price points. Many of them positioned in the side of the Alps with incredible views.


Canada is known for its crystal clear lakes, pristine forests, and mountains. In Canada you’ll find many traditional log homes built with large logs. These log homes are handcrafted and truly an experience in themselves.

United States Of America

From the Rocky Mountains to Alaska, the USA has plenty of wilderness. Cabin culture has certainly found a home in the US. If you are looking to stay in the USA, you might want to checkout our article on the top places for cabin lovers in the USA HERE. The USA has many choices and each varies greatly in terrain and things to do.


Further north in Europe lays the Scandinavian country of Sweden. Sweden is another country that is perfect for the cabin lover. If you are looking to getaway in a quiet cabin or cottage, then chances are you will fall in love with Sweden. Sweden has beautiful countryside and is perfect for couples that want a quiet getaway. You’ll find plenty of hiking and biking to do in Sweden.


Austria is an often overlooked option for people looking to escape. This small country situated in the Alps region of Europe is a great cabin getaway. There are many cabins that sit in the Alps near ski resorts and on the side of their many lakes. No matter where you are you are almost guaranteed to have a beautiful view. Austria is great for people who love beauty, castles, and the sound of music.


This is a unique one and a must. If hot springs, geysers, lava fields, and volcanos interest you, then you might want to rent a cabin or cottage in Iceland. Hiking this beautiful country will bring you across some of the most unique terrain and into caves. Its unique cabins are perfect for the experience of a lifetime and often offer the chance to see the Northern Lights.


Cabin life might not come to mind when you think of Australia. Australia, known for its plenty of beaches, crazy wildlife, and hospitality is also home to a great cabin community. You’ll find many unique cabin stays that include a close by beach. There are also many unique tree-house rentals if you want a truly unique experience.

New Zealand

New Zealand is another must in a lifetime adventure. These beautiful islands have mountains, rivers, waterfalls, hot pools, beaches, caves, and more… all waiting for you to explore! There are also many cabins for rent throughout New Zealand that make for a perfect place to make some memories.

These are our favorite countries to experience cabin life. Which country do you want to visit?

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