How Log Homes Holdup To Hurricanes, Earthquakes, & Tornadoes

Florida has hurricanes, California has earthquakes, and much of the Midwest gets frequent tornadoes. How do log homes standup to other home types in theses diverse types of extreme weather? Log homes have been around for hundreds of years. While they have changed greatly, the concept is still the same, stack logs on top of […]

39 Places To Post Your Vacation Rental

If you are looking to grow your vacation rental, then you will want to post your rental on as many places as possible. The more exposure that your rental gets the more likely it is to stay full. There are many places that are completely free to post your rental. While it may take a […]

How To Start A Cabin Rental Business.

Whether you own a cabin or are looking to purchase one, starting a cabin rental business can be a very lucrative endeavor. Over 100,000 people search specifically for “cabin rentals” each month on local searches. This is a growing trend as more people are looking to getaway and unplug. That being said, here are the […]